Shooting FAQ

1. Please follow the instructions of our guides. You should not hold a gun before receiving instructions from our guides.
2. Safety equipment must be attached to the gun.
3. Do not put your finger on the trigger before firing.
4. Do not shoot at indoor walls and ceilings within 10 m distance.
5. If you find any problem with your gun or bullets, inform our guides immediately.
6. Your gun should always be pointed at the target, even when loaded or with an empty magazine. Never point a gun at a person, even when unloaded.
7. Shooting while intoxicated is strictly prohibited.

Shooters must be over 14 years old.

Advance reservation is not necessary.

We make it a rule to provide a one-to-one lesson by our professional guides, so that even a beginner can safely enjoy shooting. In addition, our guides are on hand to assist shooters at all times.

You can bring your own bullets. However, they might not be compatible with our guns and might cause a safety issue, so we recommend that you use our bullets.