Welcome to Daeyoo ATV Hunting & Shooting Land

Daeyoo Land opened its hunting ground and shooting range on the vast, beautiful plain of Jeju Island in 1978. Ever since then,
Daeyoo Land has been a popular tourist destination, gradually developing into a leisure resort with the establishment of ATV courses on the slopes of Halla Mountain.

As the only permanent, private hunting ground in Korea, visitors can experience hunting on the 3.3 million ㎡ plain of Jeju all year round, as well as clay pigeon shooting, pistol shooting, rifle shooting, and ATV riding, escaping their daily routine to enjoy the freedom of playing in the great outdoors.

Anyone can enjoy shooting and hunting after a brief lesson on how to operate the necessary equipment. Now regarded as a wellbeing sport, hunting pheasant in wild forests and plains will bring you a sense of achievement.

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