Pistol Shooting

Due to their short length and portability, pistols are generally used by police officers. Recently, pistol shooting has emerged as a popular leisure sport enjoyed even by women and children, as the explosive sound of firing provides thrilling excitement.
Pistol shooting is advantageous when firing at close range and is easy to learn. It is also very effective in raising concentration and carefulness, as a shooter needs to focus the mind entirely on the gun in his or her hands.

Fare information

22 caliber (12 shots) 35,000 won 38 caliber (12 shots) 35,000 won
45 caliber (10 shots) 35,000 won 9MM (12 shots) 35,000 won
9MM (24 shots) 70,000 won

*In accordance with the guidelines of the National Police Agency, users of the shooting range must submit their ID card, citizen registration number, and phone number.


1. You must fully understand the safety regulations before practicing pistol shooting.
   Your experience will be safer and more enjoyable only when you are fully aware of how to handle pistols.
2. You must submit your ID card and fill out an application form before following the instructions of our guides on how to shoot a pistol.
3. After shooting, return to the counter to calculate your score.
4. A souvenir name tag will be made and exhibited for those who score more than 115 out of the perfect score of 120.

* The image may differ slightly from an actual shoot as safety equipment is attached to the pistols.