Olle course

Daeyoo Land’s Olle Course (4.5 km) is ideal for enjoying Jeju’s outstanding natural environment while riding an ATV across its wide plains and forests.
Driving an ATV through the bracing winds of Jeju will bring you a fresh experience that cannot be compared to any other sport.
Come to Daeyoo Land and enjoy yourself to the full with the thrilling pleasure of ATV riding.

ATV Olle Course Guide

Olle course

Service guide

course distance fare
Olle course (Short) 4.5 km 30,000 won

- Riders must come in groups of two or more and be over 17 years old. An extra fee of 10,000 won is charged to riders who use an ATV with a child.
- Daeyoo Land reserves the right to restrict the use of ATVs by seniors, the infirm, pregnant women, preschool children, and the disabled depending on the situation.
- Last admissions are accepted no later than 30 minutes before the closing time.