Clay Shooting

What is Clay Pigeon Shooting?
Clay pigeon shooting is a popular leisure sport in which participants fire a shotgun at a saucer-shaped clay target that are projected into the sky at speeds of 60 to 90 km per hour. It is included among the shooting events at the Olympic Games.
The sounds of the shotgun firing and the target being hit help relieve stress from daily life. Clay pigeon shooting is also an effective way of developing one’s concentration, determination, self-control, and agility, as shooters need to use their physical strength and skills and mental power to the maximum.
In addition, clay pigeon shooting is directly related to hunting activities, and is very effective in enhancing one’s hunting abilities.
All shooting facilities and systems in Daeyoo Land are designed and operated for novice shooters, so anyone over the age of 17 years can enjoy this leisure sport at the shooting range.

Fare information

Trap (16 shots) 45,000 won

*In accordance with the guidelines of the National Police Agency, users of the shooting range must submit their ID card, citizen registration number, and phone number.


1. You need to clearly understand the safety regulations before practicing clay pigeon shooting.
   Your experience will be more safe and enjoyable only when you are fully aware of how to handle a shotgun.
   (A lesson on safety precautions and the use of shotguns will be provided at the shooting range.)
2. You must submit your ID card and fill out an application form. You must wear a shooting vest, and follow all the instructions of our guides.